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There are numerous dedicated visual inspection companies in United States, Internationally there many more. A resource to find them is in the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Field and many of them belong to Another market segment which is concentrated primarily in companies who subcontract or work directly inside the 7,658 US based power plants in coal, hydro, natural gas, diesel power generation field. 99 Nuclear Power Reactors Map here located in 30 of the United States that use robotic remote visual inspection routinely for in-situ inspection and shutdowns. These devices are typically specialized high rad protected cameras to withstand high levels of radiation found in containment vessels. This equipment is often contaminated and only used within the plant itself, cannot be removed as it has become contaminated permanently after being used for the inspections. There are a few companies who specialize inspecting solar and wind turbine power generators. The largest output of US wind generated power and electricity output is concentrated primarily between California (Tehachapi, Alta, San Gorgonio, Palm Springs and Altamont Wind Farms) and Texas (Capricorn, Horse Hollow, Sweetwater and Roscoe Wind Farms). Then the aircraft maintenance technology market has for years done remote visual inspection of aircraft turbines such as the JT8 engines of the past to PT6 and now PWC series small turbine engines used on private business jets like the Gulfstream, Cessna Citation, Lear Jets and more. Numerous markets for visual inspection service companies for consumers have been developed in the past 20 years such as 12,000 listed home inspectors looking behind walls for termite damage, inside your chimney for carbon build up or your local automotive shop using a visual inspection tool like a borescope. Internal Combustion Engine applications are quite common to view inaccessible areas and see inside commercial diesel trucks to small car engine cylinders and valves. For years, the HVAC industry people of all sizes have used remote camera systems to inspect inside ducts from major hotel chains in Las Vegas to churches, meeting halls and private residences. Professional Remote Visual Inspection consulting is also available the above mentioned critical applications to use remotely controlled video equipment, borescope and industrial endoscopes, robot crawlers, underwater drones, or other video inspection tools to save countless man-hours of time and expensive downtime. There are many applications that are yet to be discovered since this technology is now readily available to the mass market with both Android and iPhone app software for endoscope testing. Remote visual inspection has grown into a worldwide phenomenon thanks to the lower cost of ownership and manufacturing cheap inexpensive products available to everyone.

Non Destructive Testing, Video Imaging, Thermal High Temperature and Moisture Imaging with FLIR VS70 Video Scope and FLIR MR160 Lepton Thermal Imaging Sensor Moisture Detector, FLIR MR06 Wall Cavity Probe, MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter with Temperature and Humidity, FLIR Thermal Imager for Android and iPhone

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Remote Video Endoscope Inspection Tools for Borescope Industrial Inspection and Thermal Infrared Imaging

Dewalt endoscope inspection tool Borescope Under $200 device Dewalt Endoscope waterproof sewer camera

FLIR Complete Home Inspector Pro Kit with Video Borescope Camera, Thermal Imaging Camera, Laser Distance Meter, FLIR Tools, Tool Belt, Batteries and Chargers

4K High Definition Cameras, WiFi, 1080P Video Streaming, HDMI Wireless Full HD video over 200 Ft.

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High Intensity Visual Inspection Headlamps

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Waterproof Protection Carrying Backpack for Remote Video Equipment

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State of the Art Video- Resources for Learning about the latest video technology applicable to Industrial Inspection

Finding The Latest Video Equipment Technology- High End Broadcast Quality for Visual Inspection

The annual NAB Show is the best resource for learning about video technology that can be engineered and applied for advanced video inspection. This the world's largest event and many smart remote visual inspection engineers attend this trade show. This event is held each year in Las Vegas in the month of April and it has grown tremendously thanks in part to the growth of video on the Internet. NAB provides tutorials, events and training where the largest display of video equipment can be found under one roof. The show covers a wide range of industries including mobile video, Film production, Television, Live Event production, Video Streaming, Advertising and Social Media content creation with video, Gaming and Radio. This show is attended not only by equipment vendors (See show exhibitor directory on their website) such as Panasonic, Sony, Adobe, etc. but service providers, content creators, professional videographers, cinematographers. This huge show with over 1,700 Exhibitors is a must attend event if you are interested in seeing the latest video technology that can be adapted for remote visual inspection.

Media, Entertainment and Technology coming together video overview of what you find at the NAB Show.

Learn from various workshops and tutorials and speak to other Professionals. Post Production Technology in Graphics processing, mastering, editing, duplication, subtitles

Canon Professional Video Equipment 4K and High Definition

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